Tell Us How Miracle Radio Has Impacted Your Life

More often than not when I reach to turn on Miracle 89.1 in my van, there is an anointed song playing, or Bible verse being spoken that speaks directly to me at that moment. It is the perfect medicine for what happens to be ailing me and I immediately am reminded of whose I am and that I have nothing to fear. There must be countless others listening, and like me, who have specific needs, and maybe they have no one to encourage them with life giving words from our Lord. Some may be contemplating suicide and feel hopeless, when out of their radio comes a reminder of how much God loves them and that they have value and purpose. I am so grateful for your ministry to our community, and to God's children. As I listen, I continue to grow as God would have me grow-not according to the world's standards, but to His standards as you remind me of His infinite mercy and grace. Thank you for faithfully serving so many of us and thank you for faithfully serving HIM.

I'm a stay at home mom of three very young children. My husband was tragically killed in car accident last year when I was pregnant with our third child. I stay at home all day with these three kids, and as you can imagine it gets very lonely with my husband gone. I began listening to 89.1 the week after he died. In recent months I had to have our television turned off because I could no longer afford it. The house is now more quiet and lonely. I keep the living room stereo turned on 24 hours a day....on 89.1 This radio station has gotten me through many rough times. It has been with me at my darkest hours. The music has inspired me to keep going when I feel like giving up. At night when the kids are all asleep and I'm up alone, unable to sleep, I have the wonderful music on 89.1 to keep me company and keep my focus on the Lord. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful christian radio station here to Shreveport.

Thanks for your station. It means so much to be able to start the day by praising God. My story is a miracle! My husband had won a new clock/radio at work -- well it was a prize for having worked there for five years. Anyway, I set it beside the bed and set both alarms -- one is radio and the other is buzzer. I just searched around for a station that we could receive on that little radio and went to bed. We live in the country in East Texas and don't have that great of reception for much except the local station normally. I think it was about the time the station was getting started because I woke up the next morning to a long string of praise and worship music! It was great! We've never changed our dial! Thank you so much for helping our days get started on the right track!

Carthage, Texas
My wife was looking for a Christian radio station and this morning found 89.1. It was GREAT, It was so uplifting on our ride to work. I am so glad she found it and I plan to share this with everyone I know. It truly makes you feel good to hear the songs and messages about our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am a newcomer to Shreveport and searching the radio for christian music. I found Miracle 89.1. Now you are my company through the day and a blessing in my life, I don't feel lonely anymore, Thank you and may God bless you every day of the year.

I want to tell you how much God's inspired music, played on your station, means to me. While driving to work every morning, the music feeds my spirit and inner needs and I'm able to invite the Lord to ride along with me and worship Him.

Mary Ann
I love listening to the music on the way to work.  I crank up the volumn and sing along and it puts me in a peaceful frame of mind for the work day.  I keep my radio on most of the day but so much is going on I miss a lot but still can hear in the background.  "It is well with my Soul" is playing now.  Love it!!
Thanks and keep up the great job of spreading the word of God. I'm sure you reach many hearts that need a comforting word.  We all need it no matter what our circumstances are at the present time. 

Tell Us How Miracle Radio Has Impacted Your Life